Chalice Presentation to Fr. Bremer 08/11/19

Fr. Michael Karl Bremer was ordained June 16, 2018 at the Cathedral of Christ the King in Atlanta.  On August 11, Fr. Bremer was presented   a chalice engraved with his name and the name of the following deceased Sir Knights.

  • Patrick J. Callahan
  • PFN George P. Novac
  • Michael J. Schultz

Fr. Bremer and the chalice he received.

Fr. Bremer blessing Sir Knight Charles Lynch.

Sir Knight Nick Mattera, Fr. Bremer, Sir Knight Ed Pierson and Sir Knight Bob Mitchell after presenting the chalice at All Saints Catholic Church.

2018 Fraternal Year Officer Installation

The installation of the Assembly Officers for the 2018 Fraternal Year took place on Saturday, August 19, 2017 at All Saints Catholic Church.




Faithful Navigator – Nick Mattera

Faithful Captain – Bob Mitchell

Faithful Pilot – Jon Bird

Faithful Comptroller – Rich Tomaszewski (represented by Tom King)

Faithful Scribe – Lou Hlad (represented by Charles Lynch)

Faithful Purser – David Lemcoe

Faithful Outer (Gary Romanick) and  Inner (Jim Gonzales) Sentinels

Faithful Admiral – Stan Wasowski

Trustees:  3-yr (Dave Mason), 2-yr (Bob Webster represented by Mike Bagnulo), 1-yr- (Chuck Langgood represented by Dennis Klein)

After receiving their jewels of office, the Officers pledged to faithfully execute the offices to which they were elected.

Blessing of the Swords

After the Officer Installation on August 19 at All Saints, Sir Knight Rev. Msgr. Hugh Marren conducted the Blessing of the Swords ceremony. Swords belonging to many Sir Knights, as well as the loaner swords of the Assembly, were blessed.

2014 Founders Day Event

On May 31, 2014 our Assembly honored Korean War veterans.  The committee for planning this event included: Chuck Langgood, Dennis Klein, Terry Petrukovich, Tony Santoro, Mike Bagnulo, and Doc Malone.

Below are photos from this event.