2018 Fraternal Year Officer Installation

The installation of the Assembly Officers for the 2018 Fraternal Year took place on Saturday, August 19, 2017 at All Saints Catholic Church.




Faithful Navigator – Nick Mattera

Faithful Captain – Bob Mitchell

Faithful Pilot – Jon Bird

Faithful Comptroller – Rich Tomaszewski (represented by Tom King)

Faithful Scribe – Lou Hlad (represented by Charles Lynch)

Faithful Purser – David Lemcoe

Faithful Outer (Gary Romanick) and  Inner (Jim Gonzales) Sentinels

Faithful Admiral – Stan Wasowski

Trustees:  3-yr (Dave Mason), 2-yr (Bob Webster represented by Mike Bagnulo), 1-yr- (Chuck Langgood represented by Dennis Klein)

After receiving their jewels of office, the Officers pledged to faithfully execute the offices to which they were elected.