2019 Fraternal Year Officer Installation

The installation of the Assembly Officers for the 2019 Fraternal Year took place on Sunday, June 30 at All Saints Catholic Church.

Faithful Navigator: Bob Mitchell with his wife, Anita

Faithful Captain: Nick Mattera with his wife, Patty

Faithful Pilot: Jon Bird

Faithful Comptroller: David Lemcoe (represented by Dick Marklein)

Faithful Scribe: Lou Hlad with his wife, Marty

Faithful Purser: Rich Tomaszewski

Faithful Inner Sentinel: Terry Petrukovich (left, represented by Gray Plunkett)

Faithful Outer Sentinel: John Biasini (right)

Faithful Admiral: Ernie Spencer

Trustee 1-yr: Dave Mason (right) with wife Carol

Trustee 2-yr: Wulf Lindenau (center)

Trustee 3-yr: Chuck Langgood (left)

Faithful Friar: Msgr. James Fennessy

Officers taking the Oath of Office.

After the Officer Installation, Sir Knight Msgr. James Fennessy conducted the Blessing of the Swords ceremony.